The Black Collegial Experience

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The Problem With Loving Black Men


The Problem With Loving Black Men


I love Black men. I love their skin, their strong jaws, those heavy lips, and wide-set noses. Black men are these beautiful amalgamations of strength, pain, growth, and determination; which makes them my greatest weakness. I love everything about Black men, everything except their disposability.

As a Black woman who loves Black men, who is the sister to a Black boy, and the daughter of a Black man, my greatest fear is the disposable nature of the Black male life. How can you grow to love something so much only to know that every time they walk out the door it could be their last step, the last time we speak, the  last embrace I feel. Loving Black men is this beautiful tragedy that plays like a desperate concerto through the ages…

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Why Sharing Jill Scott’s Nudes Is A Violation of Every Black Female Body


Go on twitter and type in Jennifer Lawrence. What do you find under photos? Memes about her nudes, jokes about her nudes, even heavily censored copies of her nudes, but what you won’t find, are her nudes. Now type in Jill Scott on twitter. What do you find under photos? Jill Scott’s nudes.

The “Fappening” has been this outbreak of leaked celebrity nudes over the last week or so that is inclusive of Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jill Scott. The outrage behind the leaking of these nude photographs has been tremendous as feminists, and just people in general, have expressed the clear issues of privacy violation that exists by the spreading of the pictures. In particular people have taken to the internet to voice how the issue is a violation of women’s rights, to pass a nude photo of a woman not meant for public consumption around like a trading card. Twitter was quick to snatch off any of the nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence that appeared and suspend the accounts of those sharing it, but I can personally attest to the fact that over 20 hours later, the photos of Jill Scott are still in circulation. There’s no great call to action for those who continue to circulate her photos. Even though Ms. Scott took to twitter herself to point out that one of the photos was not actually her, both of the photos are still in circulation and are being treated as if they are photos of her.

There are two issues personified by the lack of call to action for the protection of Jill Scott’s body. First of all it is a prime example of the racial divide within feminism. While more often than not we stand together as women to protect our rights and freedoms there was a time in the dawn of feminism when it was believed to belong only to white women; because to involve the rights of Black women would jeopardize those of the white. Although we as Black women have integrated into feminism, there does exist this fine invisible line made up of white privilege and the double-edged sword that still makes Black women somewhat of the secondary party in feminism. Situations like this nude photo outbreak highlight where Black women’s protections stand in the realm of feminism…

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Sister,I face the same struggles any justice-minded individual does when speaking out, although I admit I haven’t been fighting as hard as I am capable. More than one letter to the student paper [the largest audience discussion forum on campus] has been sent [and promptly ignored], though!

The problem is in addressing a nebulous group of microaggressions thought and enacted by a majority of our ~50,000 students. Staging large-scale reactions to what many perceive as small, almost insignificant offenses, marks you as delusional and to be ignored. In discussions about it with my peers I’m accused of “playing the race card,” “making it a big deal,” and [I am] silenced.

The white neo-liberal presence on my campus is strong and dominant and it’s a struggle to create or protect dialogue that challenges it.


In response to Sound Off: Racial Climate.

I go to a small LAC in the north so the climate is generally one full of microagressions from young white liberals who think that just because they learned about ‘White privilege’ in class they’re automatically exempt from perpetrating it. Because they “understand”. It’s annoying but I would say that generally people do make an effort not to be offensive and respond well if you correct them.


In response to Sound Off: Racial Climate.

At the University of Florida we’ve had more than one blackface scandal (usually with student athletes) in the three years I’ve been attending. Halloween involves a sea of “Indian princess” costumes, and there’s a lot of hostility and derision directed at our international students and instructors, who are a majority South or East Asian and in STEM programs…


In response to Sound Off: Racial Climate.

I’m entirely interested in people, and also other creatures and beings, but especially in people, and I tend to read them by emotional field more than anything. So I have a special interest in what they’re thinking and who they are and who’s hiding behind those eyes and how did he get there, and what’s the story, really?

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People with “American” or European names don’t feel me when I tell then this is a thing. It’s tough because I love my name so much and it means a lot that my grandmother who I never got to meet named me. I try hard to go by my full name in honor of her. But I’m going to have to change my name so I can get a job.

This is sad.

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