The Black Collegial Experience

What is the Black Collegial Experience? How is the nature of this experience altered in PWIs?Let’s talk. Please check the "Archive" for a full description of the blog, dated March 16th, 2013, and titled "About The Blog." Instagram: @theblackcollegian

The SanCopha League

A little while ago, I got hooked on the SanCopha League's Facebook page. The SanCopha League is an umbrella organization, which strives to ” [spark] creativity, entrepreneurship, education, athletics, health, fashion, and self-love to people, especially under privilege youth, on the national level.”

If you haven’t heard of the SanCopha League, please check out the content on their Facebook page. These five black men are doing plenty to enrich our community though education and mentorship.

Young. Black. Fly. Educated.

What more could you ask for?

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